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RGB LED Recessed Ceiling Light with Remote

3 x 1 Watt LED Bulb Fixture with Remote Control
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Item Number: RP9727
Mfr: MFG
RGB LED Recessed Ceiling Light with Remote

Light Fixture Description:

Input voltage: 85-265 Volt AC (LED Driver Adapter Output: 5 Volt DC)
Power: 3 Watt (3 x 1 Watt LED bulb)
Emitter Type: RGB LED
Heat Sink Material: Cast Aluminum Alloy
Shell Color: Silver
Outer Diameter: 3.33"
Inner Diameter: 2.61"
Depth: 1.7"
Bulb Adjustable Swing Angle ~ 15°
Lead Length from back of heat sink 6" (Includes inline LED driver)
3.33 (L) x 2.4" (W) x 2.8" (D)

Remote Control Description:
Battery Included: CR2025
24 key remote has the following settings:
Increase lamp intensity
Decrease lamp intensity
Off: Turns lamp off
On: Turns lamp on
R: Sets lamp to steady RED color
G: Sets lamp to steady GREEN color
B: Sets lamp to steady BLUE color
W: Sets lamp to steady WHITE color
Flash: Lamp quickly flashes through different colors
Strobe: Lamp strobes through different colors
Fade: Lamp fades in and out between colors
Smooth: Lamp makes a slow, smooth transition between color
The additional twelve colored keys are preset colors.
Pressing one of the 12 keys will change the lamp to that preset color.


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