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Automatic Battery Charger 15 Amp

15 Amp Rapid Charge / 2 Amp Maintainer
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Item Number: RP9909
Mfr: Stanley
Mfr P/N: BC1509
UPC Code: 897450002285
Automatic Battery Charger 15 Amp

If your car battery is dead, and won’t start your car, this charger should be able to start it in 15 minutes.
Just toggle on the Quick Start Timer™ and the charger will provide the maximum safe current to your battery for a quick pick-me-up.
When the countdown timer hits zero, you can safely start your vehicle, at which time its own alternator will continue to charge the battery.
If it won’t start right away, the charger will revert to its normal charge rate to prevent damaging the battery from overcharging.
The digital display shows “FLO” to indicate that the unit is in float charge mode.
The battery fully charged icon will display on the LCD screen and the arrows pointing to the “+” and “-” will flash.
In this mode, the unit monitors the battery voltage and charges as necessary to assure the battery maintains full capacity.
The unit remains in float charge mode as long as the charger is connected to the battery and plugged into a functioning AC outlet.
There’s a battery rejuvenation mode that uses high-frequency current to break up sulfate crystals on the plates in only 24 hours.

• Easy to read LCD screen with clear information
• Microprocessor controlled digital diagnostics
• Altenator check button
• Automatically selects charge rate from 0 to 15 AMPS to maximize battery life, charge speed and maintenance
• Battery voltage check button
• Engine start timer button. One Touch™ technology QST™ Turbo Start - Quick Start Timer™:
• Automatically counts down to show when vehicle is ready to start
• Battery charge button. Automatically goes into float charge mode
• Battery recondition button
• Color coded battery clamps: Red-positive, Black-negative. Maximun DC wire length is 7 Foot
• Automatically compensates for lower voltage caused by extension cord
• Automatic temperature compensation

• Spark resistant reverse hook-up protection
• ~ 6 Foot long 2-prong 120 Volt AC power cord


California Residents: WARNING Proposition 65

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