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12 VDC Peltier 90 watt

12 VDC Peltier 90 watt
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Item Number: SK4501
Mfr: MFG
Mfr P/N: TEC1-12706
Peltier Thermoelectric Device

When a voltage is applied, a temperature difference is created from one side to another; one side gets cool while the other gets hot. Changing the voltage polarity reverses the hot and cold sides.

Furthermore, the reverse is also true; when there is a temperature differential, one side to another, a voltage is created.

A small Peltier device like this would be useful for controlling temperatures in a small, localized area; CPUs, circuit boards, small electronic devices, etc.

*Must be used in conjunction with a heat sink!*
12 VDC
1 1/2" x 1 1/2" x 1/8" (38mm x 38mm x 2.8mm)
13" Leads

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